The Ultimate Block Party | Events
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Upcoming Events


Stepping Stones Museum for Children – Norwalk, CT

An Ultimate Block Party was held in May, 2016 at Stepping Stones Children’s Museum in Norwalk, CT. Thousands of families participated in a variety of engaging activities that focused on hands-on science-based learning. Children explored the world through the exhibits and programs informed by education standards and child development research....

Baltimore, MD

UBP is Baltimore was a great success thanks to the sponsors (especially our Champions of Play – Goddard School & Sprout), exhibitors (more than 30 of them, plus fabulous performers, musicians, drummers and storytellers!), the Baltimore City Public Schools, the Play Doctors, volunteers, and the countless other ‘big people’. Hundreds of families came to Rash Field despite the chilly weather to play and learn together. From the moment they walked into the ‘playground,’ they embraced play with thier children—and the families involvement contributes to the excitement around UBP and learning through play....

Toronto, Canada

Thousands of children and adults made cityscapes with blocks, created art and sculptures with paint, cardboard boxes, and plastic pipe. On a sunny day in Fort York, Toronto the Ultimate Block Party was held, hosted by leading educators, community organizations, and cultural institutions. The goal was to highlight the importance and effectiveness of play-based learning, not just in kindergarten but in all elementary grades....

Central Park – New York, NY

On October 3, 2010 from 11:00 a.m. to 5 p.m., thousands of families, educators and researchers came New York City's Central Park and explored, created and discovered. They experienced first hand the vital role play has in learning. Over 30 interactive activities illustrated the links to learning at school, home and the community....